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Security Management – Egypt

A petrochemical services firm received a contract to send two dozen specialists into the gas fields in Egypt on a fabrication and maintenance project. Logistics and security were being provided by the field’s primary operator; however, our client was concerned that the existing plans and security measures where inadequate.

We provided a comprehensive risk assessment and security management for a team of petrochemical specialists deploying on an urgent project in Egypt.

Exlog conducted a thorough review of the existing safety and security plans, identifying gaps and recommending additional risk reduction measures. Given the situation, our client asked for additional measures. We deployed an expat Security Manager, with extensive experience in the region and in the petrochemical field, to work directly with the project’s leadership, monitoring the situation on the ground, liaising with local security resources and coordinating services, conducting safety and security audits and briefings, and acting as the in-country Crisis Manager in the event of an incident. Our Global Response Center monitored the security situation, provided pre-deployment security briefings, and alerted and reported as required for the duration of the project.

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