About Exlog

Exlog Global is a veteran-owned business headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.  Our management team is comprised of veterans of elite military and law enforcement organizations with decades of worldwide experience, both in official capacities and in private industry.  Our extensive operational experience, agile management and practical, proven solutions differentiate us from our larger competitors whose responsiveness and quality are impeded by their size and rigidity.  Exlog’s core values of Excellence, Integrity, Reliability and Accountability inspire our every decision and action.  We strive to maintain a team culture that encourages creative problem solving and agility.  We have carefully selected individuals who share our values to form a cohesive team that operates with total trust.  Our values drive our organizational practices and processes, which results in a consistently high standard of work.


In today’s uncertain world, you need to be ever-vigilant and fully prepared to keep your people and your assets safe. But the ability to provide comprehensive protection is beyond the resources of many organizations.  That’s where we step in.  We offer a full suite of risk-management solutions to meet all your security needs—no matter how unique they are.  From risk-needs assessment and business continuity planning to discreet protective security and rapid response, we have the solutions and global reach you need to keep everyone and everything safe—wherever they are in the world.


Every organization is unique.  That means your exposure to risk is also unique.  So why opt for an out-of-the-box risk-management solution?  At Exlog Global, we believe the most effective way to protect people and assets is to provide a tailored, holistic program.  That lets us take on the toughest security challenges but at the same time helps your organization become resilient and self-reliant.  By aligning our efforts with your existing risk-management infrastructure and personnel, you can go further and do more with complete peace of mind.