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Mid Week Digest – 08/02/2023

Violent protests in Bangladesh and military coup in Niger   Bangladesh: Violent protests against government in Dhaka Recent violent protests in Dhaka signal that further unrest is likely in the lead-up to the Bangladeshi national elections scheduled for early 2024. The protests began on July 28 as peaceful demonstrations, turning

Mid Week Digest – 07/26/2023

State of Emergency in Ecuador and reform protests pause in Israel   Ecuador: Lasso declares State of Emergency amid rising gang violence Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso declared a 60-day State of Emergency (SoE) throughout the country’s prisons and nightly curfews in three coastal areas on July 24 following a wave

Mid Week Digest – 07/19/2023

Typhoon Talim in East Asia and wildfires in Greece   East Asia: Typhoon Talim triggers evacuations in China and Vietnam Authorities evacuated more than 250,000 people across several provinces of southern China and northern Vietnam in preparation for Typhoon Talim, which made landfall in China’s Guangdong Province on the evening

Mid Week Digest – 07/12/2023

Unions threaten aviation strikes in Europe and heavy rains in northern India   Europe: Aviation strike warning threatens to disrupt summer travel The threat of labor strikes by European air traffic controllers (ATCs) during the busy summer travel season could disrupt a third of all flights across the continent. Several

Mid Week Digest – 07/05/2023

Riots and looting across France and heavy rains in southern Japan   France: Nationwide riots subsiding amid increased security A wave of widespread, violent unrest over a fatal policing shooting in a suburb west of Paris on June 27 has begun to subside following a strong security response by French

Mid Week Digest – 06/28/2023

Hajj begins in Saudi Arabia and general elections in Sierra Leone   Saudi Arabia: Hajj marked by severe heat and high attendance Saudi officials overseeing this year’s Hajj are contending with significantly higher attendance figures and hotter temperatures compared to recent years, raising concerns surrounding the potential for heat- and

Mid Week Digest – 06/21/2023

Clean water shortages in South Africa and school attack in Uganda   South Africa: Worsening shortages of clean water A prolonged degradation of South Africa’s water sector has led to a severe shortage of clean water. Demand has outstripped water supply in several areas throughout the country since late 2022.

Mid Week Digest – 06/14/2023

Ceasefire between ELN and Bogota in Columbia and India and Pakistan prepare for Cyclone Biparjoy   Columbia: Bogota and ELN sign ceasefire agreement The National Liberation Army (ELN) – Colombia’s largest remaining guerilla group – signed a ceasefire agreement with the government in Bogota on June 9 following months of

Mid Week Digest – 06/07/2023

Widespread impact of Canadian wildfires and pension protests continue in France   Canada & US: Wildfires prompt evacuations, air quality warnings An unusually severe start to Canada’s spring wildfire season has caused thousands to evacuate, interrupted industrial operations, and negatively impacted air quality over a vast swathe of the country

Mid Week Digest – 05/31/2023

Peacekeepers involved in northern Kosovo clashes and renewed political violence in Senegal   Kosovo: Ethnic Serbs clash with peacekeepers in northern region Tensions between ethnic Serbs and authorities in northern Kosovo have escalated to violent clashes with peacekeeping forces, causing dozens of injuries. On May 26, protesters in three northern

Mid Week Digest – 05/24/2023

Legislature dissolved over impeachment in Ecuador and heatwaves and storms in India   Ecuador: President dissolves legislature, prompting snap elections Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso dissolved the opposition-controlled National Assembly on May 17 amid an impeachment trial, triggering snap legislative and presidential elections and fueling concerns of unrest. Lasso’s move came

Mid Week Digest – 05/17/2023

General elections in Thailand and Cyclone Mocha in Myanmar and Bangladesh   Thailand: Opposition secures landside victory in general elections The security situation in Thailand remains calm immediately following the electoral victory of an opposition party seeking to unseat Thailand’s military-controlled government. Preliminary ballot counts for Thailand’s May 14 parliamentary

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