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Journey Management – Bangladesh

A U.S. based NGO needed to send a team of experts to visit hospitals, clinics, and conduct patient home visits in and around Dhaka. The size of the group, the requirement to visit multiple sites, and the difficult environment required complex coordination in addition to appropriate security precautions.

We provided journey management and security for a large NGO team of experts that were visiting hospitals, clinics, and patient homes in and around Dhaka.

Exlog conducted an in-depth assessment of the risks associated with traveling to the specific locations, the NGO’s mission and the public’s perception of it, and the travelers’ profiles to determine an appropriate risk mitigation strategy. We then deployed a Security Coordinator to manage the team’s logistics and security which included secure transportation and close protection officers to ensure their safety while in transit and on-site. Our Global Response Center monitored the local security situation, tracked and monitored all movements, and updated the Security Coordinator of any change in the risk profile for the duration of the successful visit. 

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