About Exlog

“Our purpose is………………… to enable you to safely go further and do more.”

Exlog is a full-service risk management solutions company headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. We are a small cohesive team of business and ex-military leaders with decades of experience in US and UK elite military organizations; the US Secret Service; and organizations with logistics, security, risk management, medical assistance and crisis response experience. The arenas we come from give us confidence in solving complex and challenging problems. So, that’s where we keep our focus.

Our team provides situational awareness and assessments to enable strategic and operational decision-making. We back this up with reach-back capability, rapid response, discreet security solutions, expeditionary logistics and specialist training.

The Exlog Difference

Exlog employs a risk-based approach to developing adaptable action plans that identify and mitigate risk to your global business operations. Exlog brings a pioneering approach to complex challenges at the individual, team and organizational level. Our people, our experience and our global connections are unparalleled.

We believe that by developing experienced, cross-disciplinary teams, combined with the effective use of the latest technology, we can deal with critical challenges and provide truly transformational ideas and solutions. Our approach is concise, direct and intentional.

From developing state-of-the-art advanced security and alarm systems, to using apps to track and monitor people, we use smart technology as a means of amplifying our capability and team performance.

Our people have the experience and courage needed to make the tough decisions that keep your organization and your people safe during a crisis. From the top down, we will hold ourselves to nothing but the highest ethical and professional standards; being accountable for delivering on our promises.